lullaby by dennis seibold
i thank god for my blessins thank god i woke up today/i thank god for the lessons and i thank him for the pain/ if it wasnt for the trials and tribulations that i been through/then i wouldnt be me the same me standin in front of you/i wouldnt be strong i wouldnt care about others pain/ cuz i understand how they feel cuz i done felt the same thang/felt the same loneliness felt the same hoplessness/lost everything i ever knew but im still holdin this/ head up high shoulders straight i walk with pride/cant let this world get me down wont give up and just die/i welcome pain i welcome hard times that come my way each and every day/i welcome these hatas they give me the fuel to light up this flame/i think back on all the days i coulda done a lot better/but where would i be if i hadnt gone through all this weather/i love it//*chorus:when you feel down when you see nothin more to look forward too/remember me remember you remember all the shit we already been through/you made it then your here now so keep steppin dont give up/dont ever think for a moment that your alone cuz you are loved/im smilin at ya//i been to hell and back i been through rain and thunder/been beatdown locked up and still im not 6 feet under/i been from home to home all my life i dont expect it to change/im so drained from all a this but i keep walkin the way/towards success i do my best to make it in this fucked up world/i gotta girlfriend with a baby on the way a little girl/i gotta be a good example for her i gotta raise her right/give her everything i never had give her a better life/show both of em i love em and that i wont never give up/id rather die than do that dont know what id do without her love/i dropped the drugs i dropped the slingin now i drop only good intentions/i drop these rhymes hopin somebody out there will maybe listen/to what i been through so they can avoid this life/ look to the sky dont ever cry your a soldier too this is your lulaby//*chorus*//i thank god my parents beat me all the times those fuckers choked me/i thank god for all the put downs and pedastool letters they wrote me/now i know when i have children what im not gonna do/i thank god for all these things it helps me to daily get through/all these people all the negative shit i gotta deal with/maybe one day people hear my song and can relate and really feel this/all the pain and how i walked away from the way i coulda been/i coulda shot my brains out or somethin but instead i choose to live/i choose to keep on goin never slow up full speed up ahead/god i thank you for the skill to write to get shit out my head/you never let me down so now i gotta give my props to you/i never woulda made it this far i woulda never had a clue/your smilin at me//*chorus*//

the happy song

  WARNING CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT. MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO READ THIS. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. haha not really. i dont give a fuck if you read it lol.

the happy song by dennis seibold
*chorus* this is the happy song everyone sing along this is the happy song sing or i will kill you this is the happy song everyone sing along this is the happy song cum along so i can fill you *end of chorus*
(verse one)
da loca they say but i dont care they just hate/cuz i can get some ass off myspace myyearbook or ebay/i pull more chicks then pedro you know the mexican off that dope show/oh yeah thats right it was cancelled /apparently satellite dont get pornos/cuz he was busy at home fucking the garden gnome in his yard/like a horndog jackrabbit yellin at it why are you so hard!/aaaaaaa it wont go in!/ i got a chick pregnant but she wasnt sure i was the dad/so i said fuck that walked away pants still down showin off my nutsack/im real bad id tap that ill tell you to your face/im wasted half the time and still fightin this bogus drug case/fact its in another state arizona watch out here i cum/all over the whole mountain tweekers are smokin it but its bunk/cuz i got it from donald trump who sold it for a thousand bucks/damn i forgot my next line so chorus here i come//*chorus*//your voice it gets me hard you want a reason? well i dont know/i guess when i think of your mouth i think of how hard you can blow/the last chicks name was maggie her zip code was 940/sittin in the back a the school bus gaggin her makin her eyes bulge/i think i broke her tonsils cuz now she can barely talk/either that or i drowned her vocal cords with my jizz cuz she wouldnt stop/all the other kids was watchin amazed at her gifted skills/except this one kid named jimmie who wouldnt shut up so i killed em/a first grader just stared he never seen a dead person before/while a 7th grader started freakin out havin a seizure on the floor/it amazes me sometimes the things that pass through my head/it amazes me even more all the shit ive actually said/but im a good kid my momma said so but really what does she know?/shed love me if i was in prison or if i was rotting on death row/for choppin off bettys lips then bitch slappin her with em/tellin her to fuck off and hopin to god shell finally listen/or standin on the statue of liberty butt ass naked pissin on americas face/the air force would probly strap me to a rocket and send me to space weeeeeeeeee!//*chorus*//i realized the other day im a little fucked in the brain/guess i didnt eat my wheaties im sorry deana im insane/now im walkin the streets in denton flippin off all the cops/they double team me pull out their tasers i drop when they shock my balls/cuz the bastards are too stupid to aim none of em passed 4th grade/i laugh at em never listen to word them fuckers say/you have the right to stay silent what? the right to be violent?/ok! i pull out pepper spray and spray em in the eyes with it/ i gnaw through the cuffs and i run to the county jail/i let out all the inmates tellin em theyre all on bail/then i sit on the corner with the nearest crackhead and we smoke/man i didnt even know that i even smoked this kinda dope!/i give em a high five then walk over to the gas station/stick em up with a dp in my hand take the cash and go on vacation and i sing//*chorus*//I SAID SING TH FUCKING HAPPY SONG! DONT MAKE ME TELL YOU AGAIN! DONT MAKE ME HAVE TO PULL THIS CAR OVER AND SLAP A HOE! SIIIIIING DAMN IT! THIS IS THE HAPPY SONG SO STOP CRYIN! THATS RIGHT....THE HAAAAAPPPPYYYY SONG! HA//

a poem for her

my world keeps spinning as some might say...but sometimes it feels like im standing still...i wanna give up sometimes when i hit speed bumps...but someone keeps pushing me on...i feel unworthy sometimes but someone gives me a young in years but feel old on the inside...but someone dosnt hold that against me...when i feel all alone and like no one cares, i am now proved wrong...someone is always there...i want to return those feelings in any way i friendship and more...somehow i just know for sure...i love her.

why i dont trust
by Dennis Seibold

as i sit and think i remember why i dont trust...the times so often ive been hurt are countless...the times my heart was ripped out of my chest are countless...i think of all the people i trusted and shoudnt they let me down and left me with i put everything i had into it and regretted many times i wanted to give up and then found someone again...just to be hurt again and again..and a rag doll or disposable razor im thrown away...what did i do that you stole my trust?...i would never hurt you like that but yet you hurt me...maybe someday somebody will realize who i really am and can be...someone will see i only have your best regards and wishes...maybe they will show me with proof from the heart that they feel the same... maybe one day i can trust again...maybe one day someone will give me a reason...for now i have none...will you give me a reason? or just hurt me too?


this is a song i wrote about my adopted parents forcing pills for my bipolar when they made me feel like numb all the time and yet they kept wanting to put me on others too like they gonna work any better?

 by Dennis Seibold

they say im crazy or maybe im just sick in the head/but am i really cuz they pumpin me with all of these meds/ 3 in the morning and at night seroquel and depakote/ poppin these pills everyday sometimes i wish i would choke/ but really i am sick im sick of the doctors, sick of the lawyors/ sick of everything and everybody thats been makin my life harder/yeah i did some crime but i paid my time/ how many more ladders in life do i gotta climb?/ lord wont you give me a sign or a bit of relief?/ you know im a believer but i can seem to reach/ or grasp my dreams/ its hard to think with all my family lookin down on me/ im sick of the streets/ sick of the crystal meth and weed that life aint mine to keep/ cuz i reap what i sow and i sow what i know/ so to the people grabbin ahold let go and leave me alone//CHORUS: I JUST WANNA BE LIKE EVERY OTHER NORMAL KID/I DID WHAT EVERY OTHER KID ONCE DID/ IVE BEEN THROUGH HELL AND RIGHT BACK AGAIN/ AND THEN IM STILL TOLD MY ASS WILL END UP IN THE PEN// do you think im crazy? i do you wanna see?/ i can foam at the mouth run around yell and scream/ wanna lock me up? or put me in an institution/ youll have to fight my ass to bring me down and i promise youll be losin/ cuz im refusin to lose this battle you cant keep me down/though my family has lost faith in me ill still come around/you can pound down my door drag me out and beat me/ put false charges down on me but your never gonna reach me/ keep preaching, cuz i dont give up and i sure aint no quitter/ i fight to be happy now cuz pills made my life bitter/ so if you know how this feels and feel wht im talkin about/ then sing these new words ans i rap and throw em out//CHORUS// my only real problem was the situation i was in/ the yellin and the bitchin was something i couldnt deal with then/ and still cant, always bein told i was the bad kid or im wrong/ yeah i was difficult i know but it wasnt all my fault/the kaos and the blaming/ the accusations drove me crazy/ i know i wasnt always right and that just sorta maybe/ made me mad at times but whos perfect in this life/ but for some reason i was the one who always got the spotlight/ shined on me as the bad kid in the family/ now i dont got no support just got the blame on me/ cuz of the piercings and the tatoos now you think im on sides with the devil/ i got god but yet you think im just some rebel/ whos out to get you and make your life livin hell/ but whos the wrong one now wantin me in a jail cell/ or a mental hospital to be evaluated once again/ i told you im not crazy but you just dont wanna listen/ its stuck in your head that i need meds when i dont/ i dont need chemicals i just need a stable sain home/ are you mad now that i proved that i can make it on my own/ thanks for the faith kathi but know im never alone/ theres lots of people who gots my back and see me for who i really am/ im done with this crap cuz youll never understand//CHORUS// 

i found you

this is a poem i wrote for april.         by Dennis Seibold

i wondered sometimes what to do with myself... then i found you.

i wondered what i had to look forward to... and then i found you.

i couldnt sleep at night... and then i found you

i thought everybody was all about themselves...and then i found you.

i thought nobody could be perfect...and then i found you.

its amazing what you can find in life with patience and a true heart... because i found you.

no more fights

by dennis seibold

one time one try/ why does everthing end in a fight/ ive tried so hard/ but my results show i havnt gotten very far//CHORUS: WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO FOR YOU TO HEAR ME/ IM HUMAN TO BUT YET YOU FEAR ME/ IVE MADE MISTAKES AND IM SORRY/ BUT I HAVE FEELINGS TO SO PLEASE/ JUST ANSWER WHEN I CALL, WHEN I WRITE/ IM TIRED OF ARGUING JUST END THE FIGHTS/ NO MORE LIES NO MORE DEVIOUS TRICKS/ DONT BREAK MY HEART NO MORE CUZ THATS SICK// ive hurt you once ive hurt you so many times/ ive done and said some things not so very nice/ but what have i done to make ammends/ nothing in YOUR eyes so i just bare those sins/ somebody out there please take this load/ my shoulders are aching so and i know that it shows/ i just cant keep doing this anymore can you/ im already kicked out the door and cant stand to/ keep doing this crap day after day/ just see that ive changed/ and maybe some of the pain will go away// CHORUS// im not sick im just a little confused. so hate me if you want but i will always love you.

this was written to my adopted parents after they kicked me out of the house and now dont want to even hear my name let alone talk to me and there trying to keep my siblings out of my life.

Gods way

by Dennis Seibold   

this song was written about my past depression issues and what i realized was the problem. i wrote this and was also thinking about one of my closest friends with the same problem that she is currently going through. i poured my whole heart into this song.

the skies darken the clouds open to pour down rain/ no sunshine for days no peace no rest all pain/ no sleep all i can think of is my family and friends/ cryin out to god help me this aint how i want it to end/ but i got the pills in my hand and the vodka at my side/ i wanna down em but then i look ahead at how my life/ could be and then i see how much im truly loved/ my mom my dad my siblings my wife and kids to come/ what if i did this ended it on impulse without thought/ maybe its not my time i already dodged gettin shot/ i already lived through the beatdowns and the bullies at school/ already made it through probation from the crap that i pulled/ i dont wanna end it this way god forgive me ill keep living//CHORUS: gods time gods way gods will i seek today/ no more pain no more shame im gonna do this gods way/ so many times i tried the world only to fall on my face/ i gotta hope gotta pray that i can make it through another day// i got pried id tell lies when i want things to go different/  hes been speakin tells me to follow but i never listen/ i hear him call but i walk away from what he says/ hes right there my lifeline but i think i know best/ now im down and im out tore up from these hard times/ look at me what ive become its sick but i keep tryin/ to figure out my life when theres nothin to even figure/ now im down on my knees nine millimeter hand on trigger/ will i do it will i use it or will i figure out/ hes always been there never left well this is what i choose now//chorus// i scream inside eyes open wide but i just pretend/ that im happy so i smile and i laugh when im with friends/ but in my room its all different i just cry myself to sleep/ why do i do this god? when i know that im so weak/ but now i see your light shinin pullin me into your arms/ away from this from cuttin wrists now ive fallen so hard/ but you pick me back up every time i fall down/ its about time i quit tryin me and that i figured out//chorus//